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PU Wheels for Skate Board

● Wheel material is a kind of material called polyurethane, the popular understanding is that synthetic rubber, general rubber will have a certain viscosity and elasticity, the better the elasticity, the better the performance of the wheel. In addition, the proportion of polyurethane in the wheel is different, the hardness of the wheel is also different, this proportion is very important, the performance of each company's wheel is different in the proportion of formula.

● Skateboards wheels, are made of polyurethane. Wheels have different diameters, shapes and hardness. Small wheels start fast, but lack of stamina, suitable for skills; large wheels can easily glide on less flat ground. Skateboards are also very particular. In addition to bearing accuracy (such as ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7, etc.) has an impact on speed, it depends on the performance of the wheel.

● Skateboard wheels are usually polished with polyurethane as the main material. The hardness of wheels varies with the proportion of polyurethane in wheels. Hardness of 85A (A refers to hardness) wheels are relatively soft, suitable for rough surface taxiing, taxiing when the voice is very small, for friends who like to pedal shopping is a good choice.

● But the 85A wheels are relatively not so good for abrasion resistance because of their softness, and it is easy to break the spacer when doing actions such as side-skid brakes. Nowadays, most skaters use 97A-103A wheels.

● This kind of hardness wheel is not only suitable for smooth marble and flat road surface, but also suitable for U pool, jumping platform and other props. In smooth and smooth places such as 85A wheels, there is not much noise. Transparent or translucent wheels do not intend to use 103A, too hard, there will be prone to burst, it is best to use only props made of all WOOD materials.

● 38-40mm wheels use fewer people, the wheels start and speed up quickly, but the stamina is small, suitable for very flat road surface. 45mm-50mm wheel is the most suitable road wheel. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for use on different props. Because the action on the props needs strong power, the lighter the flat action is, the better. And the weight on the props can sometimes bring greater inertia and impact, so that you can go higher and farther. In the field, cross-country wheels over 60 mm are more suitable. Professional mountain skateboards use rubber wheels.

● The rebound of the wheel is very important. Although there are no parameters to refer to. But the stronger the rebound, the stronger the ability to overcome obstacles. If you don't know how well your wheels bounce, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearings in the wheel, you throw the wheel to the ground, rebound the high wheel, the wheel will bounce to the ceiling, the bottom of the rebound wheel, will only flutter two times against the ground. On smooth ground, maybe, the two wheels can run as fast, but in a slightly rough road condition, the advantages of high-rebound wheels can be shown immediately.

PU Wheels for Skate Board

PU Wheels for Camera Track Car

● Camera track car is a kind of fixed camera vehicle used for camera.

● Camera track car is a newly developed product  according to the requirements of the vast film and television users and to overcome the shortcomings of similar products. The product is small in size, light in weight, fast in installation and easy to carry. This product in the style activities, MTV production, advertising shooting, especially in the film and television scene scene, so that the shooting picture smooth, fast installation, disassembly and transfer, to save the working group manpower, material resources and talent.

● Video track is made of high strength stainless steel. It is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and anti-collision. It is convenient for transportation and transfer. The quality, appearance and performance of the whole set of products have reached the level of similar products abroad and are reliable products for users. High strength stainless steel material and high elastic, polyurethane wheels are selected for the camera car, which has good abrasion resistance, low noise, good shock absorption performance and smooth operation.

PU Wheels for Camera Track Car