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  • CPU prepolymers

  • CPU prepolymers

  • CPU prepolymers

  • CPU prepolymers

  • CPU prepolymers

CPU prepolymers

Polyurethane elastomers can be formulated to produce a diverse range of systems which, when cured offer a wide range of hardness, mechanical properties, chemical and environmental resistance. This diversity of design combined with flexible, low cost production methods give polyurethane elastomers a unique position in the market place.

Wide range of Hardness

prepolymers and systems are available from 0 Shore A to 85 Shore D

Abrasion Resistance

This property is especially important in applications such as solid tyres, scraper blades, mining screens, pump liners and impellors etc.

Cut Resistance

Polyurethanes have excellent cut resistance make them ideal for application areas such as belt scraper blades, mining screens, swarf skirts, concrete moulds, anvil rollers and fork truck wheels.

Dynamic / Mechanical Performance

The load bearing properties of polyurethanes is excellent making them an ideally suited to high load application areas such as rollers in the steel industry, fork lift truck tyres press tools etc.

Oil, grease, and Chemical Resistance

Polyurethanes have excellent resistance to fuel, oils, grease, and many solvents. This makes them especially suited to applications such as automotive (suspension bushes, engine mounts, hoses) steel and aluminium manufacture, coil / can coating and printing.

Temperature resistance

below -30 o C to in excess of 120 o C.