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Application Areas of Polyurethane Casters

Application Areas of Polyurethane Casters

May. 18, 2020

PU castor wheels are significantly better than other materials in terms of wear resistance, caster rolling resistance, and tear resistance. The load capacity of polyurethane wheels of the same size is 6-7 times that of rubber wheels. The production process can be continuous and automated, and little waste is generated during production and use.

More importantly, part of the carcass of the waste polyurethane casters can be recycled and used as other polyurethane products, which will not cause environmental pollution. Moreover, it is formed by liquid casting and the manufacturing process is simple. Therefore, it is known as a green and environmentally friendly caster in the 21st century. Industrial PU Wheels will be the mainstream of the development of casters in various industries in the future, and polyurethane universal wheels have broad application prospects in the automotive industry.

In daily life, polyurethane casters are suitable for medical electronics, kitchen equipment, mechanical equipment, heavy-duty field operation platforms, material handling vehicles, heavy-duty frames, heavy-duty storage equipment, tool carts, etc.

Polyurethane caster features: protect the floor, absorb vibration, no traces, no staining, elasticity, very resistant to friction, resistant to multiple erosion and corrosion, but only under certain hot water and steam conditions; suitable for medical electronics, kitchen equipment, machinery, field operations Operating platforms, material handling vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles. Mechanical equipment such as racks, heavy-load equipment, tool carts, etc. are widely used.

Industrial Pu Wheels

Industrial Pu Wheels

Polyurethane wheel; it generally has three kinds of plastic core PU wheel, iron core PU wheel, aluminum core PU wheel. The PU wheel is relatively wear-resistant, grease-resistant, and temperature-resistant between -43 and 85 degrees Celsius, so the PU wheel is used in a wide range and can be used on almost all occasions. Normal hardness is generally around 92 degrees, so there will generally be noise when pushed. If the hardness of the PU wheel surface is lower and the cost is too high, the promotion will be difficult.

1. Small polyurethane casters

Mostly used in furniture, mobile cabinets, freezers, light industrial equipment, kitchen equipment, kitchenware, shelves, laundry vehicles, storage vehicles, food delivery equipment, medium-sized electromechanical equipment.

2. Medium-sized polyurethane casters

It is suitable for office furniture, furniture, electronic industry, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, electronic equipment; logistics handling equipment, food distribution equipment, hotels, banks, trolleys, etc.

3. Heavy-duty polyurethane casters

Suitable for mechanical equipment, kitchen equipment, medical equipment. Electronic instruments and equipment, logistics handling equipment, trolleys, flatbed vehicles, food distribution equipment, heavy-duty shelves, turnover vehicles, etc. are widely used.

4. Super heavy-duty iron core polyurethane casters

Scope of application Various machinery and equipment, heavy-duty frame, heavy-duty storage equipment, heavy-duty tool cart, trolley, revolving cart, storage cage, etc.

Polyurethane casters include movable casters and fixed casters. The movable caster is what we call the universal wheel. Its structure allows 360-degree rotation; the fixed caster is also called the directional caster. It has no rotating structure and cannot rotate. Usually, two casters are generally used together. For example, the structure of the trolley is two-directional wheels on the front, and two universal wheels near the rear of the push armrest. Although movable casters and fixed casters are used together, their installation methods are different. You should pay attention when installing.

Installation method of polyurethane casters:

Install three universal wheels. This method is suitable for equipment that is cylindrical or relatively small overall. This method has better maneuverability than installing four casters; one universal wheel and two-directional wheels are installed. This method is suitable for the overall cylindrical and relatively heavy equipment, which not only guarantees good maneuverability but also ensures the control of the direction; the installation of four directional wheels is only suitable for linear long-distance transportation and fixed transportation lines Equipment; install two directional wheels, four or six universal wheels. This method is suitable for relatively long heavy equipment, with good maneuverability.

Install two casters or two single wheels. It is only suitable for relatively light equipment, which needs to be tilted during the movement, and the tilted end during the movement requires human support. Install a wheel. This method is used for wheeled vehicles to adapt to the narrow transportation road surface in mountain terrain.