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Are Polyurethane Casters Anti-Static?

Are Polyurethane Casters Anti-Static?

Sep. 27, 2020

When selecting a suitable wheel frame, you must first pay attention to the net weight of the anti-static polyurethane casters, such as supermarkets, colleges, medical institutions, office areas, hotels, and other areas, based on the better ground, smooth and light moving objects, (every A load of only polyurethane casters is 10-140kg), which is in line with the selected electroplating process wheel frame of thin steel plate (2-4mm) stamping and injection molding. The wheel frame is light, flexible, quiet, and beautiful. This electroplating process The wheel frame can be divided into double-row beads and single-row beads according to the order of the slide balls. If it is often moved or moved, use double rows of beads.

Industrial PU Wheels usually refers to a polyurethane caster product used in factories or construction machinery and equipment. It can be made of highly imported reinforced nylon (PA6), ultra-polyurethane materials, and silicone rubber. The whole has a high impact resistance and hardness. The metal parts of the bracket are made of steel plate passing galvanized or chrome to prevent corrosion, and the internal structure is assembled with dense ball bearings using integrated injection molding techniques. Users can use 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM steel plates as polyurethane caster brackets.

Medical polyurethane casters are suitable for the standard of medical institutions such as dexterous running, dexterous rotation, high resilience, ultra-quiet, high wear resistance, anti-coiling, and chemical resistance, etc. They are usually divided into light polyurethane casters and metal bracket polyurethane casters. , STO type all-plastic frame polyurethane casters, CPT type medical two-wheel polyurethane casters, and central control polyurethane casters and medical dual-brake polyurethane casters. When actually selecting the bearing capacity of the polyurethane casters, it is necessary to keep the necessary safety margin. Take the frequently used four-wheel assembly example. Usually, the following two techniques can be selected: load by three polyurethane casters The entire net weight is selected. Among them, a polyurethane caster is suspended in the air. This technique is applied to the entire process of goods shipment or equipment movement. The impact force carried by the polyurethane caster is relatively large, and the ground condition is relatively poor, especially where the total weight is relatively large.

Industrial Pu Wheels

Industrial Pu Wheels

For some polyurethane casters that are subject to relatively heavy impacts, do not decide on a polyurethane caster with a large load-bearing capacity. Moreover, a specially designed impact-resistant structure should be selected. The components of polyurethane casters: the main body of polyurethane casters; a wheelset is arranged on the pivot seat of the main body of the polyurethane casters. The wheelset mainly includes a combination of wheels, shafts, closing bodies and protective covers. The polyurethane casters A barrel seat is provided in the front of the main body, and the low part of the main body of the polyurethane caster is concavely provided with two embedding grooves, and a concave groove is recessed at the front end of the main body of the polyurethane caster. The brake system is located on the concave surface of the main body of the polyurethane casters. The brake system mainly includes a combination of brake shrapnel, lower brake knobs and push-type brake knobs. The directional system is located in the main body of the polyurethane casters. On the concave surface of the lower part, the positioning system mainly consists of a combination of positioning cards, pedals, and composite plates; the steering gear wheel is located above the gear wheel of the brake shrapnel of the brake system, which is integrally formed with the brake shrapnel. Therefore, the gear wheel is shifted upward at the same time to engage the steering gear wheel to generate engagement, so that the polyurethane casters can achieve the purpose of braking and steering at the same time.

Industrial polyurethane casters are mainly used for tool carts, supermarket shopping carts, massage chair parts, scooters, stamping parts, scaffolding for the construction industry, fasteners, injection molded parts, etc. It can be used in various industries such as factories, workshops, commerce, catering, etc. Different polyurethane casters can also be selected according to the carrying capacity of the use environment. Polyurethane casters are available in ball bearings and roller bearings. Polyurethane casters are equipped with brake systems. The polyurethane casters used in factories are different from those used in businesses. The polyurethane casters used in tool carts are different from the light polyurethane casters used in hospital beds. The requirements of polyurethane casters used in shopping carts must be completely different from those used in factories to transport heavy loads. Of those polyurethane casters.

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