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What is the difference between a highway board and a skateboard?

What is the difference between a highway board and a skateboard?

Oct. 14, 2019

There are many types of skateboards on the market. In addition to being divided into toy boards and professional boards, skateboards also have professional subdivisions such as road boards, double rockers, and small fish boards. Different skateboards are different in shape, function and ground suitable for sliding. What is the difference between a road board and a normal skateboard? The skateboard PU wheels supplier tells you the answer.

1. Highway board

The road board is a kind of long board. Compared with the ordinary ordinary skateboard, the length and width are relatively large, and the stability is better. The name of the road board is precisely because the road board is suitable for driving on the road, its stability is particularly good, it is more suitable for long distance driving. The difference between road plates is that the road plates are too long, the flexibility is insufficient, and it is difficult to turn. In addition, the road board is relatively heavy, not portable, and it takes up a lot of space.

2. Ordinary skateboard

Compared with highway boards, ordinary skateboards are relatively small in length and width, so they are easy to carry. However, the stability of ordinary skateboards is not strong, so it requires a lot of skill when sliding. Ordinary skateboards are more suitable for driving in parks or squares during leisure time, not suitable for driving on the road. If the road surface is uneven or the road is running, the vibration is strong, and it is difficult to drive for a long time, which is very likely to be dangerous.

3. Specific choice

Highway boards and skateboards have their own advantages and disadvantages, so they should be analyzed according to their actual situation when purchasing. If you are a beginner or a skateboarder, you should choose a normal skateboard, such as a double rocker. The skateboard is relatively balanced and has a good center of gravity. If you are proficient in skateboarding skills, and the location of the practice is relatively low on the ground, you can choose the road board practice, which is fast and stable.

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