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Does Skateboard Wheel Dimension Matter? The Perfect Size

Does Skateboard Wheel Dimension Matter? The Perfect Size

Jan. 18, 2021

Does Skateboard Wheel Dimension Matter? The Perfect Size
In order the get the most out of your skateboard wheels it is very important to choose the ideal size. This may seem tough as a novice however it really isn't that tough. Does skateboard wheel dimension issue?
Skateboard wheel size matters a lot. If the wheels are too big you'll have a tough time landing trick as well as the wheels might enter into contact with your board. Generally, you ought to select wheels between 52 as well as 54 millimeters depending upon what and where you skate.
It's not just the size that matters, the hardness and top quality of the polyurethane have a big effect on performance. You can't get inexpensive wheels with big size and expect a smooth cruising experience. So let's enter what type of skateboard wheels you require that fits your style.

Selecting the Right Wheel Diameter

The larger the wheel diameter the slower you increase however bigger wheels are much better to keep energy. It takes a bit more initiative to rise to speed on larger wheels once you're at a practical speed it's much easier to keep your speed.
Smaller sized wheels are much more receptive and better for technical road skateboarding. They are extra flexible as well as won't get stuck when grinding a ledge or rail as high as larger wheels. Smaller wheels make your board flip a bit faster and are a lot more responsive.
Doing a kickflip on tiny wheels makes it less likely to land primo when you're not expecting it (touchdown with both feet on the side of your deck as well as wheels).
It's not simply the size, the hardness additionally plays a huge component in exactly how wheels act and carry out.

The Right Firmness or Durometer

Solidity is much more essential than diameter and obtaining the appropriate mix takes some research. Harder wheels do far better on smooth surface areas such as skate parks and also concrete bowls. However, lots of professional skateboarders skate the hardest wheels they can receive from their sponsors even if they choose it.
It makes the trip a bit much more awkward, so the average skateboarder shouldn't try to follow their example.

Skateboard Wheel Dimension for Street

Best skateboard wheels for street require to be tiny as well as hard. Small wheels make it much easier to land techniques, even when they feel a little bit sketchy. Bigger wheels will certainly create you to fall when you land a technique a bit questionable however smaller-sized wheels still allow you to land a method without running the risk of harming on your own.
Smaller wheels accelerate faster contrasted to bigger wheels which are terrific when you just have a brief distance between you and things you intend to ollie staircases as an example. You require to be able to get as much rate as feasible in the least quantity of time.
Opt for a wheel dimension between 50mm and also 53mm max for street skateboarding. They will not last you as long as larger wheels yet technological methods need smaller wheels. Obtain wheels with a solidity of 97a or 99a. 97a are a little bit extra comfy on asphalt however 99a is one of the more popular durometers among street skateboarders.

Skateboard Wheel


Selecting the ideal skateboard wheel size that fits your personal style and preference makes a substantial distinction. Bigger wheels need you to press a bit harder to get up to speed and smaller wheels accelerate much faster.
Smaller and more difficult wheels are needed when you intend to strike the streets and do technical stuff. They are more flexible with sketchy landings as well as make it easier to turn your board compared to bigger wheels.

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