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How to Choose the Skateboard Wheel that Suits You

How to Choose the Skateboard Wheel that Suits You

Mar. 14, 2020

Three important information when buying skate wheels


(1) The concept of hardness

The ability of a material to locally resist the intrusion of hard objects into its surface indicates how soft or hard an object is. You can feel the soft hardness of the object with a pinch.

(2) Hardness measurement method

For different materials, there are different measurement methods for hardness, corresponding to different standards.

Black Pu Pulley For Skateboard

Black Pu Pulley For Skateboard

Skateboard pu wheels uses the shore hardness test. it was first proposed by the British Alert F. Shore. It is also called the Shore hardness in the rubber and plastic industries.

The measurement principle is the same. Under standard conditions, the standard pressure needle is pressed into the surface of the object, and the depth of the indentation is examined to indicate the hardness of the object. The difference is that the shape of the pressed pin is different. Shore A uses a circular truncated cone, while Shore D uses a conical cone.

(3) hardness unit

The most common skateboard hardness unit is A (full name Shore A), followed by B (full name Shore B), D (full name Shore D), which are used to indicate relative hardness, the range is 0 ~ 100, because they The measurement method is different, so the corresponding measurement range is also different.

A is usually used to represent the unit of soft plastic, and D is more commonly used to represent the hard plastic.

(4) Impact of hardness on skate wheels

First of all, you must know that the best skateboard wheels for street are made of polyurethane, a chemically synthesized hard rubber, which improves the performance of the wheel by changing the proportion of the chemical composition. It is also called the formula of the wheel.

High hardness and relatively hard wheels are the first choice for daily tricks, suitable for smooth and flat roads, and also suitable for skateboard props such as U pools, throw tables, and professional venues such as skateparks and skateparks.


The harder the wheels, the more shocked you are when you glide, and the louder the sound, some cuteness may not be able to carry it, especially if there is no smooth marble square or smooth concrete pavement near the home and school, or the living environment is sensitive to noise Friends, then choose a relatively low hardness wheel.


What kind of wheels are easy to brake and slide

① Hard enough wheels, good strength, easy to exert force

② Narrow wheels with rounded corners (described below), small contact area with the ground and low resistance

Therefore, we do not recommend that newcomers try to use horizontal brakes to try horizontal braking. It is easy to hurt people and wheels, except for big brothers.

Size (1) diameter

Common skate wheel diameters are 50 mm-60 mm, long board wheels are 60mm-75mm

50mm-53mm: Street Action Wheel / Allround Wheel

54mm-59mm: U Pool / High Angle Props / Street Wheel

60mm-75mm: long board wheel


Note that the diameter of the wheel needs to be adapted to the height of the bracket. Otherwise, it will be easy to jam the wheel. Do n’t panic if the wheel is locked. Add a bridge pad.

(2) Width

Common skate wheel width 30mm-65mm

Narrow wheels: more flexible in movement and steering

Wide wheel: Because the contact area with the ground becomes larger, it will have better grip and stability

Tip4: If the wheel is too wide, the inside and outside will be forced to rub at different speeds at the same speed and at different distances. The force and wear will be uneven, and the wide wheels will be easier to wear or even break. There is a very hard core, called the core. For long boards, the position of the core is also particular.

(3) the width of the contact surface with the ground

There are two main types of wheels: right-angle wheels and round wheels

Right-angle wheels: Provides the largest contact surface with the ground, both in daily taxiing and cornering, with better grip and stability. Commonly used in street brush wheels, fish plate wheels, long board downhill wheels, Dancing wheels

Fillet wheels: small contact surface with the ground, less resistance, more flexible steering and action, more suitable for action, commonly used in street wheels, flat flower wheels, long plate high-speed free wheel and flat flower wheel

Tip5: The smaller the contact surface with the ground, the easier it is to slide

3. Brand

Each skateboard wheel has its own formula for the wheel, which directly affects the hardness, rebound, wear resistance and other performance indicators of the wheel.

If the hardness and size can be directly seen on the skateboard logo, then the invisible indicators of wear resistance, rebound, grip, and weight are directly linked to the brand.

Have the opportunity to suggest to replace our company's black pu pulley for skateboard. Although the hardness and size are similar, the experience is really different.