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How to Determine the Solidity of a Skateboard's Wheels?

How to Determine the Solidity of a Skateboard's Wheels?

Dec. 10, 2020

How to Determine the Solidity of a Skateboard's Wheels?

The wheels of your skateboard can help or hurt your trip, so selecting wheels with the appropriate firmness is crucial. Softer wheels provide much more hold, making them a good choice for road skating, however, they are slower than harder wheels, which are a far better choice for smooth surface areas, particularly skate parks.

Companies use durometer scales to indicate the hardness of the skateboards they manufacture. The smaller the number, the softer the wheel. Most manufacturers use A durometer scale. For example, a 78A skateboard wheel would be considered very soft, while a 100A skateboard wheel would be very hard.

The durometer B scale is 20 points lower than the A scale and tends to be more accurate, especially for harder measuring skateboards. In other words, a wheel labeled 80B has the same hardness as a wheel labeled 100A.

1.Guide to skateboard wheel hardness

Most skateboards are between 78 and 100 on the Durometer A Scale.

The 78A to 87A are soft wheels, suitable for pavements, roads, and other rough surfaces with pebbles, rocks, and cracks, as they provide smoother driving and grip. Longboards or street boards usually have soft wheels.

The grip of 88A to 95A is slightly worse, but the grip is still good, making it suitable for rough surfaces and skating. They're just harder and faster.

The 96A to 99a are excellent wheels suitable for all directions. They strike a balance between grip and speed, making them a beginner's choice for street skateboarding and slippery surfaces such as skateparks and ramps.

The 101A Plus is a professional wheel. They are the fastest and hardest, hold the least, and are used only on smooth surfaces.

Although softer wheels hold the ground better, they quickly tear or form flat spots. Harder wheels may last longer, but they also have poor grip. Longboards usually have very soft wheels, while street skaters may need harder wheels if the riding surface is not too rough.

Some skateboard wheel manufacturers make it easy for buyers by designing wheels specifically for a specific purpose.

2.The skateboard wheel diameter

Another number to know when choosing a skateboard is the diameter, which is usually between 50mm and 75mm. The larger wheels are faster and better suited to longboards and cruisers and the rough surfaces you encounter in street skating. The smaller wheels are slower, but they are best for tricks on low boards and smooth surfaces found on-ramps, bowls, and skateboards. For beginners, the average wheel diameter is usually between 54 mm and 59 mm.

3.Sliding plate contact tape

The contact surface is the part of the wheel that touches the ground. The size and shape of the wheel determine the appropriate contact spot size. Proper sizing of patches ensures optimum performance by allocating weight appropriately.

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