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Polyurethane Caster Applications

Polyurethane Caster Applications

Jul. 03, 2020

Polyurethane elastomer is a polymer synthetic material with a high plastic hardness and rubber elasticity. It has special physical and mechanical properties that other polymers do not have and is widely used in various warehousing, supermarkets, and dispensing Casters and other places used in the center.

Application areas of PU Castor Wheels

Polyurethane casters are significantly better than other materials in terms of wear resistance, caster rolling resistance, and tear resistance. The load capacity of polyurethane wheels of the same size is 6-7 times that of rubber wheels. The production process can be continuous and automated, and little waste is generated during production and use.

More importantly, part of the carcass of the waste polyurethane casters can be recycled and used as other polyurethane products, which will not cause environmental pollution. Moreover, it is formed by liquid casting and the manufacturing process is simple. Therefore, it is known as the green environmental protection caster of the 21st century. Polyurethane wheels will be the mainstream of the development of casters in various industries in the future, and polyurethane universal wheels have broad application prospects in the automotive industry.

The pu wheels for skate board manufacturer are mainly used in industries such as industrial vehicle manufacturing, logistics automation, mechanical welding, and warehouse sorting. The guide wheel tire is made of polyurethane material with excellent dynamic mechanical properties. It has good adhesion to the hub bracket, high wear resistance, low internal heat generation, compression deformation, high-temperature resistance, and low rolling resistance, which is conducive to flexible guidance.

Advantages of polyurethane casters:

1. Low rolling resistance and good steering flexibility;

2. High wear resistance, good tear resistance, and long service life;

3. Resistant to hydrolysis, high temperature, and grease corrosion;

4. Low internal heat generation, high heavy load, resistance to compression deformation.

In the logistics transportation equipment, the polyurethane guide wheel can prolong the service life and greatly reduce the maintenance cost due to its excellent high wear resistance, tear resistance, and resistance to engine oil and lubricant corrosion. At the same time, NDI polyurethane materials are resistant to hydrolysis, mildew, UV, and ozone, and can maintain stable performance under the harsh conditions of various humidity and high temperature, long-term sunlight, and long-term exposure to engine oil.

Polyurethane caster maintenance

1. A lubricating oil should be regularly added to the steel ball running parts of the polyurethane caster bracket and the wheel bearing running parts.

2. Regularly clean the winding or thread ends of the steel ball running part of the bracket of the polyurethane caster and the wheel bearing running part.

3. Most caster brackets are made of metal. Anti-corrosion is very important to the service life of casters. To prevent corrosion of caster brackets, anti-embroidery paint and anti-embroidery oil can be applied regularly.

4. Regularly judge whether the movable bracket of the caster is overused according to the wear condition. If the rotating joint of the universal wheel bracket is loose, it is recommended to replace the entire bracket assembly or the entire caster product. If the selection device of the universal wheel is locked by bolts and nuts, ensure that the assembly is strong and reliable. If the movable support of the universal wheel is not flexible, it should be checked whether it is corroded or there is dust, spun yarn, etc. adhered to the track of the bead plate. If necessary, it is recommended to replace the entire movable support or the entire caster.

PU Castor Wheels

PU Castor Wheels

The use of polyurethane casters should pay attention to:

1. Please do not exceed the rated load of the instructions of the polyurethane caster. Excessive use will cause accidents.

2. Do not use polyurethane casters in special environments such as acid, alkali, salt, oil, water, etc.

3. Please do not forcibly transfer the polyurethane casters with the brake pads on the wheels.

4. Please do not walk on the ground where the difference in height or the unevenness is significant.

5. Do not use in special places with high temperatures and high temperatures. (Such as steam room, cold storage special environment)

6. Please do not forcibly hit the brake pads with a hammer. Press the [ON/Separate] part of the brake pads appropriately to release the brakes.

7. Please do not use it for a long time under the trailer or traction operation.