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Safety Matters of PU Pulley for Skate Board

Safety Matters of PU Pulley for Skate Board

Nov. 04, 2019

Safety matters of PU Pulley For Skate Board

1. Adjust the wheel before use to make it run freely.

2. Reasonably adjust the elasticity of buffer pad with lock nut according to its own use.

3. Pay attention to waterproof, try not to let the skateboard touch the water, and do not slide on the wet or rough road.

4. Beginners need to slide on the slope with small inclination angle with the help of relatives and friends. With the improvement of technical level, gradually change different slopes.

5. In case of emergency, you can choose foot brake or jump off the skateboard. When you jump off the skateboard, watch to see if you can bump into people or other objects around you.

6. If replacement is required, the replacement shall meet the specifications of existing accessories. It is not necessarily the same as the original parts.

7. Generally, the bearing does not need additional lubricating oil.