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How Much Weight Can the Polyurethane Casters Carry?

How Much Weight Can the Polyurethane Casters Carry?

Aug. 17, 2020

If the price he gives you is lower than the prevailing price in the market, what does he rely on to make money, to pay employees, and to survive? Of course, everyone hopes to be able to buy good things at a low price, so what aspects should the quality of PU Castor Wheels be judged from?

From the analysis of the appearance of heavy-duty polyurethane casters, the choice of high-quality casters must be round or spherical. This is the fundamental reason, and it must not be out of round. The caster wheels are lubricated in appearance, with no bruises, average color, and no obvious color difference. How to choose heavy casters? How to choose heavy casters?

Ball-bearing: Compared with the one-piece ball bearing of the same specification, it has the characteristics of heavier load capacity, more uniform load capacity, and greater static load capacity. It is suitable for industrial fields that require high load capacity. How to distinguish the quality of polyurethane casters: The wheels can be matched with different bearings according to customer needs, and each perfect match can be applied to different products and equipment. The following is a basic introduction to some bearings.

Rust remover to remove rust. It is mainly a method of brushing or soaking the rusty metal surface with a weak acid chemical liquid (ie, rust remover), and removing the rust on the metal surface through chemical reactions. Derusting with electric tools. Also known as semi-mechanical derusting, it mainly uses wind (electric) movable brush wheel or famous type derusting machine to stop the disposal of rusty surfaces and reach the request for derusting of polyurethane casters.

The selection of the diameter of the polyurethane caster should consider the weight of the object under the load and the starting force. Such as supermarkets, campuses, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and other places, because the ground is smooth, the goods carried are lighter (50-150kg, each polyurethane caster), suitable for electroplating wheel frame 3-4mm thin steel plate stamping, the wheel frame is light, Active, elegant and quiet. The processing methods are diverse and the applicability is wide.

Pu Castor Wheels

Pu Castor Wheels

Manual descaling: choose high-quality casters. Generally speaking, the normal polyurethane caster factory uses cartons or pallets to stop packaging and transportation of the casters, marked with obvious marks (including the product title of the casters, manufacturer's location, telephone, etc.), which is effective To avoid damage to the casters due to transportation. However, small factories usually use woven bags for packaging because they have not converted into mass consumption or in order to save costs, which cannot guarantee that the caster products are not damaged during transportation.

The bearing of the polyurethane caster determines the mobility of the caster and the quality of the caster. Different places have different polyurethane casters and bearings; as we see in the supermarket, the caster on the shopping cart is used in the factory workshop. The casters are different. The main difference between the two is that the weight-bearing capacity is different. The polyurethane casters on the supermarket shopping cart have a relatively small load capacity, and the factory workshop often carries heavier items. Material and bearings have great requirements.

Oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low-temperature resistance, good sound permeability, strong adhesion, biocompatibility, and blood compatibility. These advantages are the reasons why polyurethane elastomers are widely used in the military industry, aerospace, acoustics, biology, and other fields. Choose the diameter of industrial PU Wheels: the larger the diameter of the caster, the simpler the advancement, the greater the bearing capacity, and the better the protection on the ground.