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Xinjiang Cotton Has Basically Achieved Mechanization

Xinjiang Cotton Has Basically Achieved Mechanization

Apr. 07, 2021

Xinjiang Cotton Has Basically Achieved Mechanization

The cotton in Xinjiang is harvested in this way. Basically, it has been mechanized. The cotton harvesting trays produced by our company’s polyurethane raw materials in Shanghai Youngtall Material Science Co., Ltd can harvest more than 20,000 mu of cotton per group. Xinjiang Cotton has basically achieved mechanization.

Even in the busy picking season, there is no need for a large number of "cotton pickers." Cotton production in Xinjiang: 100% mechanization in northern Xinjiang, and basically realized in southern Xinjiang. Xinjiang cotton production has been mechanized early and does not require a large number of "cotton pickers". Now Xinjiang cotton has already been picked by machines. In the old days when cotton was harvested manually, spraying defoliants on cotton fields was not a rigid requirement. More and more farmers choose mechanized cotton harvesting, because of its lower cost and higher efficiency. Xinjiang cotton production is developing towards intelligence.

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