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PU Wheels for Camera Track Car

Camera track car is a kind of fixed camera vehicle used for camera.

Camera track car is a newly developed product according to the requirements of the vast film and television users. The product is small in size, light in weight, fast in installation and easy to carry. This product in the style activities, MTV production, advertising shooting, especially in the film and television scene scene, so that the shooting picture smooth, fast installation, disassembly and transfer, to save the working group manpower, material resources and talent. It is convenient for transportation and transfer. The quality, appearance and performance of the whole set of products have reached the level of similar products abroad and are reliable products for users. High strength stainless steel material and high elastic, polyurethane wheels are selected for the camera car, which has good abrasion resistance, low noise, good shock absorption performance and smooth operation.

PU Wheels for Camera Track Car

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