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  • PU wheels for skate board, 52*32mm, 105A

  • PU wheels for skate board, 52*32mm, 105A

PU wheels for skate board, 52*32mm, 105A

Product: PU wheels for skate board, 52*32mm, 105A

Color: naturally reddish, white, Customized

Why there are thousands of types of wheels?

The wheels have specific features of hardness, size, shape...and color, printing...

What are the requirements?


Shape (round/concial/flat):

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Skateboards wheel, 4 units for one set, are made of polyurethane. Wheels have different diameters, shapes and hardness. Small wheels start fast, but lack of stamina, suitable for skills; large wheels can easily glide on less flat ground. Skateboards are also very particular. In addition to bearing accuracy (such as ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7, etc.) has an impact on speed, it depends on the performance of the wheel.

Good abrasion resistance, good bounce,

When choosing materials, it should be considered to be suitable for different ground roads, such as floor roads, cement roads, asphalt roads and so on. No matter what road you slide on, the wheel must be flexible, wear-resistant, and moderate in hardness. It must also ensure that the wheel has enough friction coefficient on the road surface.

The first is hardness, and the skateboard wheel is usually a polished polyurethane. The proportion of polyurethane in the wheel is different, and the hardness of the wheel is also different. A wheel with a hardness of 85A(A refers to hardness) is relatively soft and suitable for rough pavement taxiing. The sound is minimal when taxiing. It is a good choice for friends who like to go shopping. However, the 85A wheel is relatively non-wearable because it is soft, and it is easy to break the interval layer when doing things such as side skid brakes. In general, today's skaters use 97A-103A wheels. This kind of hardness wheel is suitable for smooth marble and relatively flat roads, as well as U pools, platforms and other props. Wheels such as 85A at smooth leveling are also soundless. But in rough places and on the U pool, there will be a huge rumble(this sound often makes the racer boil). The transparent or translucent wheel does not use 103A. It is too hard and will burst. It is best to use only props made of all WOOD materials.

Followed by the diameter, the 38-40 mm wheel is now used by very few people. This wheel starts and accelerates quickly, but the stamina is small, and it is only suitable for very flat roads. It is characterized by a fairly flexible movement. Friends who like small movements can try. The 45mm -50mm wheel is the most suitable wheel for the road type. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for use on props. Because the action on the props requires strong power, the flat action hopes that the lighter the board is, and the weight on the props can sometimes bring more inertia and impact, making you taller and farther. In the wild, you can use more than 60mm of cross-country wheels. Professional mountain skateboards use large rubber wheels.

And the rebound, the rebound of the wheel is very important. Although there are no parameters to refer to. However, the stronger the rebound, the stronger the ability to overcome obstacles. If you don't know how well your wheels bounce back, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearings in the wheel, you throw the wheel hard on the ground, rebound the high wheel, the wheel will bounce to the ceiling, the bottom rebound wheel, will only jump on the ground two times. On the smooth ground, perhaps, the two wheels can run as fast, but in the slightest rough road, the advantage of high-rebounding wheels can be immediately demonstrated.

Our advantages:

High quality for high end market

20 years experience in this industry

R&D capability

Professional team

Integrity in business

Product details:

Keywords:    Skateboard wheels, PU wheel    

Supply Ability:    20000 Unit/Units per Day uni wheel skateboard    

Packaging Details:    4pcs per set in one plastic transparent shrinked bag    

Port:    Shanghai, China mainland    

Lead time:    Est. Time(days): 30 or To be negotiated    

Place of origin:    Jiangxi, China (Mainland)    

Type:    Long Board    

Material:    Casting PU (polyurethane)    

Model Number:    5232mm, 105A   

Size:    52*32mm    

Example Color:    white    

Size of product range:    50-97mm    

Color:    customized    

Diameter:    50-97mm    

Width:    28-40mm    

Core:    yes/No, up to the request    

Contact Patch:    customized    

Durometer:    78A 80A 83A 85A 90A 92A 95A 98A 99A 100A 101A 102A 55D 60D     

Rebound:    60-95%    

Wheel color:    customized    

Wheel surface:    Smooth    

Brand:    OEM    

Custom size PU wheels for skate board have the great ability to absorb noise and vibration while providing a long service life. Each and every white Skateboard PU Wheels is open for any design changes including color, profile, diameter, and bearing size.

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