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  • hydraulic seals pu seal

  • hydraulic seals pu seal

  • hydraulic seals pu seal

  • hydraulic seals pu seal

hydraulic seals pu seal

Characters:PTMEG-MDI based PU (polyurethane) seal, good physical properties, good abrasion resistance, good hydrolysis resistance, good for after treating processing ability, low compression set, and good dynamic property. Our products are of stable quality.

Applications:Seals can be used for tractors and excavator.

Casting Polyurethane (CPU) is a kind of polyurethane elastomer which is produced by casting process, liquid components are cast into the mold and reacted to get the final part.

PU advantages:

Wide range of hardness (Shore 0A-85D)

Wear and abrasion resistance   


Pleasant feel / soft touch surface

Fastness to light for aliphatics (non - yellowing)

Elasticity / Flexibility

High resistance against oils and greases

Flexibility at low temperature

Low cost for processing

For PU seals:

Common raw Material: PTMEG+MDI based

Existing molds: 500+

Making molds inhouse

Dimension: 0-650*750mm*150mm

Enterprise standard No. : Seal 1607

Standard test seal: 150*195

Plaque of every casting batch

Measuring by sight for seal: surface, flow mark,,,

hydraulic seals