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Are Polyurethane Casters High In Hardness?

Are Polyurethane Casters High In Hardness?

Aug. 03, 2020

The internal temperature of the polyurethane layer is reduced, the aging speed of the polyurethane layer is delayed, and the storage period of the polyurethane caster is prolonged. A headbox and a set of switches are arranged on one side of the base. The safety barrier is located on both sides of the front of the chassis, and the component transmission is located on the upper wall of the chassis. Since the lower part of the transmission component is provided with a cooling plate and a mold to be poured, the new type of cooling plate has the advantage of compact structure, and the application position of the head casting can be adjusted in real time through the transmission component.

The cooling plate can cool the product and the safety barrier, effectively protecting the personal safety of the operator. Therefore, at one end of the outer peripheral metal core of the polyurethane caster, the polyurethane wire is evenly distributed on at least two heads. The boss is provided with holes. By pushing the polyurethane roller, the perforated outer surface of the metal roller is coated with the polyurethane core. The table, part of the polyurethane, is made of a metal core through the hole and the roller. Due to frictional heat, the polyurethane roller can avoid high-speed rotation of the polyurethane roller. The new polyurethane roller device is a large thick-walled roller in each part, and the drive wheel has a high rigidity effect.

The current polyurethane roller track of the roller frame includes an inner metal wheel core. The deformation layer is added between the inner polyurethane caster core and the outer metal wheel core, and the layer is shelled on the surface of the outer metal wheel core. The new type of roller device changes the structure of the roller The frame polyurethane roller can be adjusted individually, so that the entire width of the roller surface and the guide rail surface are fully identified, thereby improving the stress state of the roller layer and shortening the roller life of the roller.

Pu Castor Wheel

Pu Castor Wheel

Due to the simple structure and easy installation of industrial PU Wheels, the roll stability and the adjustment of the two rollers are increased, and the corresponding damping box is used to adapt the rollers to uneven roads, which greatly improves the shock absorption of the rollers. This effect makes the equipment using the roller move smoothly. In practical applications, especially in high-speed applications, the thrust of the polyurethane roller has an outer auxiliary device at one end of the metalcore, and the other end of the outer peripheral surface of the polyurethane layer.

The roller frame polyurethane roller used in processing equipment has a mechanical jaw including a disc-shaped base. As we all know, the roller frame polyurethane roller is made of polyester composite catalyst, so the elasticity of the polyurethane caster roller is related to the composition and thickness It is related to whether silicon contains other chemical substances, and temperature will also affect the elasticity of the roller frame polyurethane roller. If the thickness above the roller of the roller frame is measured in millimeters, the elasticity is negligible.

The outer periphery of the polyurethane caster is provided with an edge on the outside. The polyurethane caster and the right roller have the same adjustment. The outer edge is made of polyurethane. In practical applications, the polyurethane roller is composed of a bearing and a layer of polyurethane. The polyurethane layer is concentrically molded on the bearing On the outer circumference of the outer ring, the current new type of protruding polyurethane layer is directly on the outer circumference of the bearing outer ring, saving raw materials and reducing costs, and omitting iron core or aluminum core specifications. The corresponding increase in the bearing's rolling capacity will increase. The use of the shaft is extended.

In addition to this situation, regardless of whether it is mixed with other chemical components, the same external temperature is also one of the factors of hardness. It has a good performance. It can be used for many years so that the roller will not calcify, and it can prevent its damage. And maintain its good elasticity, in addition, its wear resistance is very high, its roller frame polyurethane roller is used on the surface of the object to extend the life of the object, so it is very suitable to use it.

When using PU Castor Wheels, you can consider the method of use, the required conditions and the scope of use in advance, and then select the appropriate type. The possible load of the product is that the comprehensive bearing capacity is easy to move when transported manually on flat terrain. General cargo can be used for a long time in a safe state, so the total weight of the pre-transported object needs to be estimated.