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Load Capacity of Polyurethane Casters

Load Capacity of Polyurethane Casters

Jul. 30, 2020

In the application, PU castor wheels are indispensable parts of all equipment, which play a magical role in daily life. It is no exaggeration to say that if there are no wheels, our lives will become a mess.

The invention of the wheel is not inferior to the four major inventions in China. The use of wheels was quite common when the wheels had not evolved into casters. At first, it was just to save energy and facilitate the movement of heavy objects. With the continuous development of human beings, the requirements for wheels have been increasing. Later, it has changed from wheels to casters, which can be better and more convenient for us to use.

With the development of science and technology, the consumer market has higher and higher requirements for the function and quality of caster products, the cycle of product replacement is getting shorter and shorter, and the complexity of the product has also increased. The traditional mass production method has been challenged. In mass production methods, flexibility and productivity are contradictory. The existence of polyurethane casters has brought great convenience to people’s lives. We all know that wheels can lighten people’s load and make it more convenient to carry and retrieve. However, ordinary wheels can only move forward or backward. It is more troublesome to change direction. Now the diversified caster characteristics solve this problem perfectly.

The load-bearing capacity of industrial PU wheels

1. Highly elastic polyurethane casters

Generally speaking, polyurethane products have a wide adjustable range of properties, strong adaptability, resistance to biological aging, and moderate prices. Polyurethane is a new organic polymer material, known as the "Five Plastics", because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in many fields of the civil economy.

Pu Castor Wheels

Pu Castor Wheels

2. Highly elastic polyurethane feet

The hardness of the wheel material is generally selected according to the purpose. For example, the usual wheels include nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels, high-strength polyurethane wheels, high-strength synthetic rubber wheels, iron wheels, air pumps, polyurethane wheels, and high-strength polyurethane wheels.

Whether driving on indoor or outdoor ground, it can meet the handling requirements. High-strength synthetic rubber wheels can be applied to hotels, medical equipment, floors, wooden floors, tiled floors and other grounds that require low noise and quiet when walking. Nylon wheels and iron wheels are suitable for uneven ground or iron filings on the ground. The venue.

If the equipment does not need to be pushed frequently, 4-inch casters, use the bottom plate for heavy loads, generally the larger the diameter of the casters. Looking at the load-bearing capacity, the more effort is needed to push, and the material is generally carbon steel, so it must be considered comprehensively. 5 inches, their conversion relationship is. When calculating the load of a single caster, a certain insurance coefficient should be given. Hello, plunger: This is very important.

The polyurethane caster ruler is selected according to the road surface of the application. The larger the size of the caster, the easier it is to push, and the stronger the obstacle is, but the steering flexibility is therefore reduced. The smaller the wheel, the lighter and more flexible it can be manipulated, but the more obstructive ability is small. Therefore, the purchase of industrial casters needs to be determined according to the actual conditions of the factory floor.

What is the general single load capacity of polyurethane casters?

Only a certain thickness of steel plate with a good welding process can the caster bracket made in this way stand the test of time.

The flatbed trolley in the trolley uses nylon wheels, which can greatly improve the smoothness of the trolley on flat and sandy ground. At the same time, the nylon wheels also have the effects of silence, stability and good hand feeling. The nylon wheels have a smooth surface and no burrs. Make the trolley achieve the effect when in use.