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Cost-Effective Polyurethane Casters Are Not Simple!

Cost-Effective Polyurethane Casters Are Not Simple!

Jun. 13, 2020

Pu Castor Wheels

For a long time, rubber has been widely used for wheels because of its natural availability and low cost. However, during the Second World War, rubber and other materials were in short supply. After repeated research and exploration, people finally found a more cost-effective polyurethane material. Rubber has always been a hand-selected material in the wheel manufacturing industry, and the application of polyurethane materials has not only eased the tightness of rubber and other materials but also made up for the shortcomings of rubber casters. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of the two? Black pu wheels for skate board supplier introduces you.

Wheel hardness and resilience

The hardness of Shore A type of rubber wheels is usually 67-75 degrees, and the hardness is relatively low. The hardness of polyurethane casters is as high as 83-95 degrees. Under the premise of safety, the use of polyurethane casters can not only ensure a certain cushioning capacity, but also carry large, rolling The resistance is small, and the hardness and resilience of the wheels of the polyurethane material can be adjusted according to customer requirements and use environment.

The production of rubber wheels is easy to pollute, the production efficiency is low, the raw materials can be mixed with renewable materials, and there will be an odor. Polyurethane casters have high requirements for the wheel surface. They use raw materials, have no odor, and cannot be doped with recycled materials.

During the use of the rubber wheel, it is easy to leave carbon black marks on the ground. The basic chemical composition of the polyurethane material determines that the polyurethane casters will not leave marks on the ground, and even the colorful wheels will not leave any traces of colorants on the ground.

Aging resistance

The rubber casters are prone to swelling when exposed to organic solvents for a long time, and their tear strength and resistance to collapse will also be weakened. Polyurethane casters are different. Even if they are exposed to these solvents for a long time, their properties will remain unchanged and they will not be corroded.

Wheel load

The heavy-duty rubber caster has a load of about 160-230kg and has poor resistance to tearing and tearing. The load-bearing capacity of the polyurethane caster is about twice that of the rubber wheel. The polyurethane caster has excellent resistance to crack growth, tearing, and chipping resistance. The block performance is still good after being placed for 7-8 years, and the wear resistance is good.

In the caster industry, plastic-core polyurethane casters and iron-core polyurethane casters, compared with rubber wheels, have obvious advantages in load-bearing capacity, tear resistance, cut resistance, rolling resistance performance, etc., because of excellent materials and high-cost performance.

The chemical composition of the material of PU Castor Wheels determines that it has a lower rolling resistance than rubber, so the rolling assistance of polyurethane casters is higher than that of rubber casters.

The medium-sized iron core polyurethane caster has the advantages of good load-bearing, quiet and wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, and no damage to the floor. It is mainly suitable for automation equipment, assembly line equipment, conveyor equipment, glass machinery, construction machinery, woodworking machinery, animal husbandry machinery, kitchen equipment, Game machines, bumper cars, and other mechanical equipment as well as tooling cars, trolleys, shelves, etc., the specifications are divided into 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches.

Polyurethane caster attachments can prevent fibers or other materials from winding around the casters. With the industrial caster attachments, the wheels can turn flexibly and freely without fear of winding. For braking, you can generally install the industrial caster accessories on the caster bushing and operate the brake with your hands or feet. It can also be made in the form of double brakes, which can lock the steering and fix the wheels. Sealed industrial caster accessories can avoid dust in the steering bearing or single wheel bearing to maintain its lubricity and facilitate flexible rotation. Consumers only need to lubricate the wheels regularly for basic maintenance work.

Drumming: The base layer has to peel, sanding, cracking, and not dry, which makes the coating film poorly bonded; the base layer construction should be carefully operated and maintained. After the base layer is dried, apply the bottom coating first, after curing, then press the waterproof layer construction process Brush layer by layer. Attention should be paid to fire prevention during construction, and construction personnel should take protective measures. The construction site requires good ventilation to prevent solvent poisoning.

If it is used on a warehouse shelf, the width and depth of the shelf should be considered. Usually, two pallets are placed on each floor of each type of shelf, and about 200mm of access space is reserved. As large as possible in the depth direction, this will not produce stringent requirements on the carrying capacity of plastic pallets, so as to save procurement costs.

If it is used on the shelf of an automated three-dimensional warehouse, in addition to meeting the above requirements, the anti-skid coefficient of the pallet, the cooperation of the bottom surface of the pallet with the chain conveyor, the height of the fork, the carrying capacity of the upper shelf, the amount of deformation, and the flexibility of the long and short sides Factors such as curvature, barcode placement, and RFID chip placement.

Freezer casters of the same diameter, ordinary manufacturers will consume several series for different load-bearing, such as light, medium, medium, etc., the method is to make the wheels and brackets have different thicknesses or materials. When calculating the load of a single freezer caster, a certain insurance factor should be given. When the air is relatively flat, a load of a single freezer caster = (total weight of the equipment ÷ the number of installed freezer casters) × 1.2 (insurance factor); if the air is uneven, the algorithm Because, a load of a single freezer caster = the total weight of the equipment ÷ 3, because no matter what kind of uneven air, there are always at least three wheels supporting the device at the same time, this algorithm is equivalent to increase the insurance factor, more reliable, to avoid the lack of load, resulting in freezer casters Life expectancy is greatly reduced or accidents are caused.

The hard tire surface is suitable for exercising on soft or smooth ground, while the soft tire surface rolls more flexibly on hard or rough surfaces, including most outdoor ground. When selecting wheels, all special ground conditions should be considered: bumps, sinks, sills, slats for agricultural docks. The larger and softer the wheels, the easier it is to roll on rails or similar ground conditions, and the soft wheels can also protect the ground from damage. Rubber wheels, especially high modulus rubber wheels, do not generate noise and are largely ground, while carbon steel wheels are hard. Under normal circumstances, industrial PU Wheels is a compromise choice, the ground level is moderate, can withstand the greater weight.