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The Advantages of Using Polyurethane Casters In the Large Storage Industry

The Advantages of Using Polyurethane Casters In the Large Storage Industry

Jun. 10, 2020

PU Castor Wheels is a material between general rubber and plastic. This is an abrasion-resistant elastomer at present, and it is harmful to the human body. There is no need to add carbon black and some carcinogenic rubber compounding agents in production and processing. It is an ideal material for manufacturing tire treads. The main characteristics of polyurethane casters are to maintain high elasticity, excellent mechanical strength, oil resistance, and ozone resistance in the hardness range and have good low-temperature performance.

AGV logistics handling equipment has many varieties and high non-standard levels. It is mostly used for epoxy floors or even better ESD ground environments. Metal wheels or hard plastic wheels are not only prone to noise but also cause serious damage to the walking ground. Choose one Wheel with good noise reduction and protecting the ground is particularly important. In addition, the AGV equipment similar to the automobile assembly line has the characteristics of high self-weight and high responsibility. The load capacity of ordinary rubber wheels is difficult to meet the equipment requirements. It is also critical to choose a wheel with good bearing capacity. After that, the installation and commissioning of AGV wheels including the AGV equipment of the automobile production line are relatively complicated. The quality of the wheels directly affects the frequency of replacement. The high replacement cost and the cost of lost production and downtime all require a longer wheel life and more frequent replacement. Low (polyurethane wheels can be used for 5-10 years), so choosing a wear-resistant and long-life wheel is also an important consideration for designers.

PU Castor Wheels

PU Castor Wheels

What are the advantages of industrial PU Wheels used in the large-scale warehousing industry?

In summary, due to the advantages of low noise, high load-bearing, high wear resistance and long life of polyurethane casters, polyurethane wheels are increasingly used in the logistics and storage automation industry and are highly respected.

Parameter characteristics of polyurethane casters:

◆ Bracket: Rotating top plate double steel ball track and special anti-steel wrist arc design, more heavy-weight, flexible rotation, and more practical, the bracket bottom plate is made of standard 4mm thick steel plate, the leg material is stamped and welded with 3mm thick steel plate, and the surface is plated Zinc.

◆ Wheels: high-tech polyurethane rubber strips are injected into the polyolefin wheel core with a mechanical lock type, which has high elasticity, high wear resistance, grease resistance, temperature resistance between -43℃ and 85℃, and is equipped with an integrated precision ball bearing, Beautiful and low noise when sliding, suitable for long-distance or frequently moving equipment.

How to maximize the use effect of polyurethane casters. Before installation, the roller frame rollers should be carefully cleaned in clean kerosene; while keeping the installation tools and hands clean, first coat the bearings with low-temperature grease; Then press the wheel into the guide wheel of the upper clamping tool under the drill on the drilling machine, and tighten the backup females at both ends of the guide wheel with the appropriate torque, and tighten the screw; the mounting holes on the wireframe can be cleaned to make fine sandpaper Light sanding, press the installed roller and roller seat vertically into Note: It is not important to use too much force to pad with wood, it is very important that the caps at both ends can adjust the guide wheel freely, it shows the working state of the bearing, and then top Tightening screw should not be vigorous, it is better to be able to move the bearing seat;

In the whole process, there is no part that needs to be knocked to install, and all the phenomena that cannot be installed without smashing are wrong. To keep the guide wheel running smoothly and freely, grease always fills the running space of the bearing. It is necessary to pay attention to the clean and effective edge of the guide wheel sleeve. The guide wheel should be flexible and free of any jamming and periodic tightness. These are the B preparation conditions for the roller frame rollers and bearings to run smoothly for a long time. What can be done to achieve the conditions and conditions for its use? Everyone knows that the roller is a polyurethane with steel wheels. The steel wheels need to be carefully handled, sandblasted, cleaned, and brushed with adhesives. These steps are simple. Why do many manufacturers do degumming?

When the adhesive is brushed, it is dried once and brushed again. The temperature control of the steel wheel before casting is required. The temperature is very close to the temperature of the polyurethane material when pouring. Many of the details of the operation will be experienced, ordinary polyether It can't be a roller.