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How To Make Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels

How To Make Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels

Jul. 16, 2021

How To Make Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are usually mass-produced in industrial environments. They are made of polyurethane, which is a versatile and durable synthetic material. According to the 1skates.com website, Frank Nasworthy invented polyurethane skateboard wheels in 1970. The rubber grip of polyurethane wheels on the road expands the potential of ways that skateboards could be used. Different types of polyurethane skateboard wheels are mainly different in hardness tester, diameter, color, and shape. The hardness tester measures the hardness of the wheel. Soft wheels are most suitable for cruising on hard surfaces and have a low hardness tester, such as 87A. Hard wheels have less shock absorption and higher hardness, such as 100A. The diameter is the height of the wheel. The manufacture of polyurethane skateboard wheels requires the use of specialized chemicals and machinery. This process indicates the basic industrial process for manufacturing polyurethane wheels.

Polyurethane wheels

Mix a batch of polyurethane. In the weighing machine, the chemical components of the polyurethane are combined in an appropriate ratio. A metering machine is a machine for heating, mixing, and distributing polyurethane.

Add color. When the polyurethane in the metering machine is liquid, add dyes or other types of pigments in the batch. This is only necessary if you want your skateboard wheels to have a color.

Skateboard Wheel

Skateboard Wheel

Pour the polyurethane into the mold. The mold should be made of aluminum and reflect the shape and size of the wheel.

After the polyurethane has been cured, the polyurethane "slugs" are removed from the mold. Slugs are the basic, unfinished form of your polyurethane skateboard wheels. Place the slug on a flat surface to heal completely.

Wheel shape. Use a lathe to cut the bullet into shapes. The side of the wheel and the riding surface should be cut to exactly match each other. A lathe is a machine that can rotate the object when it is shaped. In this case, the lathe turns the slug while cutting off the excess polyurethane.


Heat does not necessarily require mixing polyurethane, but it can produce higher-quality wheels.


Clear, and uncolored wheels may be the strongest. Adding pigments or dyes, which displace the polyurethane, may weaken the wheel.

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