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Maintenance Of Skateboard Wheels

Maintenance Of Skateboard Wheels

Jul. 24, 2021

Maintenance Of Skateboard Wheels

The skateboard wheels are not just a specific way to make your skateboard look. They also help determine how fast you will go, how well you handle different terrains, and how good your riding skills are. There are polyurethane wheels for skateboards, but you still need to choose the size and hardness tester that best suits you.

The wheels are not only responsible for the rolling of the skateboard, but also allow you to keep your feet in various environments. It is made of polyurethane has stable performance. The skateboard consists of three main parts, such as the deck, wheels, and truck. The top of the deck is the horizontal part where you can put your feet. The truck is fixed under the deck. Then bolt the wheels to the truck and rotate them with bearings. It has various resistances and sizes to help you customize your ride.

Similar to skateboard decks, skateboard wheels have evolved a lot since the birth of skateboarding. The first skateboard wheels were made of steel, and then made of clay, and they were unpredictable and hard to ride at best.

skateboard wheels

skateboard wheels

Maintenance of skateboard wheels

Changing your wheels depends on how hard and how often you skate. The wheels slowly wear out and their diameter decreases. As well as expanding flat spots to ride rough surfaces. So it’s best to check your skateboard wheels regularly and replace them whenever needed. You can change the wheels every two to three months, depending on how your skateboard. Changing wheels and rotating wheels can not only extend the life but also make the wheels wear more evenly. Follow the tips below to keep your skateboard wheels longer:

Wheel rotation

Rotating the wheel is one of the most important ways to increase the life of the wheel. Tilting in one direction often causes uneven wear. This is because your body weight is mainly distributed on one surface of the skateboard. This puts more pressure on one person than everyone else. The best way to solve this problem is that you need to change the position of the small wheels to the position of the long wheels, and vice versa, this helps you prevent uneven wear and keep all wheels longer.

Keep the slides under 90 degrees

When you slide the skateboard wheels at 90 degrees, they learn to stop rotating in the slide. If the wheel stops turning, then continue to turn the other wheel. It will form a flat spot. When this happens, never let the wheels run smoothly, because it will make you feel uncomfortable. To prevent this, please keep the slide less than 90 degrees by keeping your feet down the mount while sliding.

Make use of resilient wheels

It is always better to use elastic wheels on your skateboard because it will give the rider a comfortable ride.

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