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Precautions For Skateboards

Precautions For Skateboards

Apr. 29, 2021

Precautions For Skateboards

Pu wheels for skateboards are usually made of polyurethane as the main material.

PU skateboard wheel supplier introduces the precautions for skateboarding.

First of all, like all sports, prepare for roller skating. Often referred to as "warming up", you warm up your body through a gradual exercise. The increase in temperature will make your muscles and ligaments fully stretched and flexible, and your body will be more dexterous, which greatly reduces the chance of injury; more importantly, warm-up activities can also help overcome the inertia of internal organs, and moderately increase heart rate and blood pressure to meet the need for exercise. At this time, in the following exercises, you will feel smooth breathing, a warm body, and easy steps. Remind everyone: In addition to light and slow sliding, warm-up activities are necessary, pulling ligaments, moving hips, knees, and ankles. It takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to really open the ligaments and joints.

Pu wheels for Skateboards

Second, sports protective equipment is also necessary, because roller skating will inevitably fall, and you must protect your body from harm. Especially children and teenagers are best to wear protective equipment when roller skating. Generally speaking, roller skating equipment includes helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and palm pads. It is best for everyone to buy protective equipment from professional manufacturers, which are safer in terms of shock resistance, sturdiness, and comfort. Knee pads are the most important part of protective equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a roller-skating expert, the knee is the most vulnerable place to fall, and it is also the most vulnerable place to shock. The helmet is also very important. Many people often find it difficult or flexible to wear a helmet, but not wearing a helmet is very dangerous. When you fall, your head is the most protective part of your body. Improper protection can often cause serious injuries in many western countries.

Third, you must choose a safe place. For example, do not play roller skating on the driveway or where there are many pedestrians, and then choose a relatively flat ground, bumpy, sloping, watery, and greasy ground. It is suitable for roller skating.

The difference between skateboard PU wheels and ordinary wheels is introduced here. If you are a skateboarding enthusiast, then you must master the knowledge of what to pay attention to when participating in skateboarding. It is best for your family to stay with you, pay attention to travel safety, and protect your health.