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The Way To Clean Skateboard Wheels

The Way To Clean Skateboard Wheels

Aug. 05, 2021

After skateboarding for a period of time, your skateboard wheels and bearings may be blocked by mud, which affects the movement of the skateboard. You want to perform some stunts, but because the wheels are stuck, you may not be able to pull them smoothly. Fortunately, cleaning the wheels and bearings is very simple, requiring only some dismantling and a little safe cleaning. It does not require any special skills, you can do it yourself.


First, wipe the entire board clean with a rag. For most skateboards, warm water is the best choice to remove surface dirt, but if there is no warm water, normal temperature water will be good. Before you start taking things off, make sure to dry the skateboard completely. Similarly, it is best to have a level surface without soil on which to place the skateboard. When replacing parts, please make sure to follow the recommendations of the skateboard wheel manufacturer.

Remove the wheels from the board

Now let's look at the main process. The next thing to do is to turn the board over and let it lie on the deck with the wheels facing up. Use a 13mm or ½ inch socket wrench to remove the axle bolts and nuts on the outside of the wheel. Be sure to put all the wheel materials in one place so that you can easily find them after repairing and cleaning.

Remove the bearing from the wheel

After the wheel is removed from the board, the axle can be used to pry out the bearing on the wheel. Gently insert the metal rod into the wheel, and then place the wheel on the end of the truck axle to the first bearing. Then allow the truck axle to the bearing and pull the top of the wheel from the skateboard.

What you just did is as simple as opening the cap with a corkscrew. Once you remove one bearing that way, use the same technique to remove the rest of the bearing on the other wheels. When doing this, make sure that the wheels and bearings are separated from each other.

Clean the parts

There are many assumptions about the best way to clean bearings and wheels. Some use wet wipes or paper, and some use solvents and wipes. On the longboard slide, there will be bearings. However, on ordinary skateboards, there may be no bearings. Regarding cleaning metal components, you should pay attention to several points:

Turn the bearing carefully. They are expensive, and you don't want to damage them.

If you are using nail polish like Brasso, apply a thin layer.

After cleaning the metal parts, make sure that there are no burrs left on the bearing of the rag.

Clean your trusses frequently. Remember to add grease to your wheel installation with a proper foundation.

The wheels

Perhaps the most direct part of this process is washing the wheels. When you do this, you can use a rag and water. If there are decals on the wheels, you can't just use any cleaner. Always make sure that the wheels are completely dry to prevent damage. You can also rotate them to ensure that no part of the wheel is wet.

Reassemble the bearings on the wheels

After cleaning the wheel bearing and the wheel, you can put the bearing back on the wheel. Place a bearing on one side of the wheel, then use your fingers to buckle it in. At this point, flip the wheel and place the bearing divider, and adjust the other bearings appropriately. Repeat this process for the remaining bearings.

Skateboard Wheels

Reinstall the wheels on the skateboard

After installing the bearings on the wheels, slide each wheel back onto the axle one by one. Insert the axle nut back to the outside of the wheel and tighten it with a socket wrench. When putting everything together, avoid getting the wheels stuck on the board, as this may damage the board, especially if it is wooden.

When disassembling your wheel, if you notice damage to the wheel or bearing, you must replace the bearing or wheel at this time. Don't say that you want to control it for a while, except to hinder your skating action; it may cause serious injury to you. Cleaning can only ensure that the problem is corrected in a short time.

However, postponing replacement is never a good idea. Owning something like a skateboard is good, but it also requires a lot of maintenance if you want your skateboard to make the most of it. If you want to roll smoothly on your skateboard without any hindrance, proper cleaning is a must.