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PU Wheels for Sakte Board

Wheel material is a kind of material called polyurethane, the popular understanding is that synthetic rubber, general rubber will have a certain viscosity and elasticity, the better the elasticity, the better the performance of the wheel. In addition, the proportion of polyurethane in the wheel is different, the hardness of the wheel is also different, this proportion is very important, the performance of each company's wheel is different in the proportion of formula.

Skateboards wheels, are made of polyurethane. Wheels have different diameters, shapes and hardness. Small wheels start fast, but lack of stamina, suitable for skills; large wheels can easily glide on less flat ground. Skateboards are also very particular. In addition to bearing accuracy (such as ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7, etc.) has an impact on speed, it depends on the performance of the wheel.

PU Wheels for Sakte Board