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Advantages of Pu wheels

Advantages of Pu wheels

Dec. 09, 2019

PU pulley for skate board material polyurethane is a general term for polymers with urethane binding groups. It is formed by the reaction of isocyanate group with active hydrogen such as hydrogen peroxide. Polyurethane has not only the elasticity of rubber, but also the strength and excellent processing performance of plastic. It has incomparable advantages in heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, oil resistance, elasticity and other synthetic materials. It is the sixth largest plastic after polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polystyrene and ABS. It has been widely used in national defense, aerospace, light industry, chemical industry, petroleum, textile, transportation and automobile Automobile, medical and other fields have become indispensable new materials for economic development and people's life.

Pu Material

Pu Material

Pu material can be applied to the fabric of shoes or the parts bearing the weight, such as high-grade straight row wheel, skateboard wheel, Pu pad, case wheel, shopping cart wheel and other purpose wheels. In the sports products, such as drift board, vigor board, skate, twist car and other sports and leisure products favored by teenagers, the wheels are generally Pu wheels. Why? Because these products need to bear personal weight, let me take drift board as an example. If a drift board wants to bear a force of 100kg, its overall requirement is not only that the large board can bear, but also that an important role player is the wheel. Don't underestimate this wheel, players and friends. It's very useful. Pu wheels are significantly more flexible, and the more flexible the wheels are, the more suitable they are for all kinds of technical actions, such as rotation, acceleration, retrograde, jumping, etc.

Product characteristics:

(1) no scratch and noise. Long service life, reduce cost.

(2) temperature resistance at - 20 ℃ to 120 ℃.

(3) polyurethane products are pollution-free, non-toxic and tasteless.

Pu Wheels

Pu Wheels

Specific advantages of PU wheels

1. polyurethane solid tire will not blow out, so there will be no maintenance or shutdown problems;

2. when driving on the soft road, the larger ground area of polyurethane solid tire greatly improves the tractability and has higher rolling efficiency;

3. when driving on uneven road, polyurethane tire improves its wear resistance because of its strong shock absorption;

4. during the lifting operation, the polyurethane solid tire improves the stability of the operation by virtue of its good weight pressing function;

5. the explosion of the tire itself is reduced, so that the damage probability of other parts of the vehicle such as the axle is correspondingly reduced, so the maintenance cost of the tire is reduced; in addition, because the polyurethane solid tire is not affected by climate and other factors, the durability of the tire is also better.