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Classification of roller skating(on)

Classification of roller skating(on)

Dec. 11, 2019

Roller skating has been developed in China for decades, especially in the past 20 years. As new projects and new equipment for roller skating have entered China from abroad, roller skating has become more and more popular and respected by young people. rapid. At the same time, its social recognition is getting higher and higher, and it has become a household name.

With the rapid development of roller skating, the "play" of roller skating has become more and more diverse. The various skating projects have their own characteristics and charms, which have attracted different skating enthusiasts. Skateboard PU wheels supplier will introduce them one by one. First, we introduce projects that have developed well in the country and have a broad mass base.

First, leisure roller skating

Casual roller skating is not a competition item, it is a free "play" without rules and restrictions. Anyone who loves roller skating wears roller skates to shuttle between streets, parks and squares. "Brush Street" is an important part of leisure roller skating. Street brushing refers to sliding on the street in roller skates, not in a fixed square, park, or venue.

Second, speed roller skating

Speed roller skating can be known just by looking at the name-speed roller skating is a roller skating event that compares speed.

Speed roller skating is divided into single-row and double-row, of which single-row is the current domestic and international mainstream. Speed roller skating is divided into three major categories: field races, on the road, and marathon. The characteristic of speed roller skating is the pursuit of speed (endurance is also very important in long distance competitions), so we can find that the speed roller skating shoes-that is, the wheels of speed skating shoes are usually very large, the common PU wheels diameter is 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm, the knife holder has three wheels and four wheels.

In the competition, in order to reduce wind resistance, athletes will also wear streamlined, close-fitting sportswear. Speed skating is very similar to speed skating in the snow project.

Third, roller skating

Rollerball can be divided into single-row rollerball (English Inline Hockey) and double-row rollerball (English Rink Hockey). Currently, single-row rollerball is the mainstream domestic project. Roller skating is a team-competitive roller skating project in which roller skates are used to grab the ball on the ground and shoot the ball into the opponent's goal.

Roller skating is a rare group confrontation event in roller skating, much like football or basketball. In roller skating competitions, a team has 5 players on the field, 1 of which is a goalkeeper. The playing field is generally 50 meters x 25 meters, 40 meters x 20 meters, or 30 meters x 15 meters. Rollerball is a fierce competition, so players and goalkeepers wear helmets and protective gear that can protect the whole body. Roller skating is developed from ice hockey and is a derivative project of ice hockey on land. The rules of the two are very similar.

PU Wheels

PU Wheels

Fourth, extreme roller skating

Extreme roller skating (in the official world roller skating federation, the roller skating is Roller Freestyle) is mainly divided into wild street blocks and professional venues, professional venues are divided into props and half-tube U-shaped pool bowls. The culture of extreme roller skating is closer to skateboarding. Extreme roller skating players are mostly in Europe and the United States, and there are only a few enthusiasts in first-tier cities in China.