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Children's roller skates purchase guide

Children's roller skates purchase guide

Nov. 23, 2019

With the development of roller skating, roller skating has also been accepted by more and more parents, and its characteristics of health, sunshine, fashion and competition have also been widely recognized. Many parents have plans to let children touch and learn to roller skating. Many kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools have also opened various skating interest classes and special courses. In some places, almost all children have the degree of roller skates.

The skating sports that followed the skating equipment (mainly roller skates and 90A pu wheels for skate board) and the surrounding products industry have also arisen. Various brands and various types of roller skates are full of excitement. How should parents choose a suitable roller skating for their children? What about shoes?

We mainly introduce how to choose the first pair of children's roller skates for children. Special attention is given to how to choose children's roller skates, and how to choose the first pair of roller skates.

Parents should pay special attention to the wheels when choosing roller skates. The wheels are slippery and the wheels are very important! Don't choose PVC, which is the plastic wheel we often say. This kind of wheel is very hard, it is easy to slip without sliding on the ground, and there is no shock absorption. When the child is skating, the wheel is easy to wrestle, and the knees, spine and neck are subject to vibration and bumps, which can cause damage to the body.

When choosing roller skates, pay attention to the wheel selection PU (polyurethane) wheel, which is commonly known as the rubber wheel. Such wheels are also divided into multiple levels. However, the general PU wheels also has good grip and elasticity, it is not easy to slip and has the effect of damping.

How to distinguish between plastic wheels and PU wheels? When you hit the floor with wheels, the plastic wheel will make a relatively "clear" sound, and the sound of the PU wheel will be "dull". The wheels are dropped from the air to the ground, the height of the plastic wheel is very low, and the elasticity of the PU wheel is very good. As in the picture, the wheel on the roller skates is pushed on the ground, the plastic wheel does not have any resistance to slip, and the PU wheel is not so good to push away.

PU Wheels For Skate Board

PU Wheels For Skate Board

Children love lighting things. Many skates have shiny wheels. Is this kind of wheel good? I recommend that when choosing roller skates, the number of green skateboard PU wheels on the shoe should not exceed two (one by one).

The flashing wheel illuminates by the friction of the core in the wheel to generate energy. Friction means resistance to sliding. For children who are just beginning to learn roller skating or are younger, using too many flash wheels can be a big burden, and it can be laborious to slide. This will increase the difficulty for your child to learn to roller skating!

As the child's first pair of skates, the number of flashing wheels on a pair of shoes should not exceed two. After the child is skilled in roller skating and has strength on his feet, it is not too late to change more flash wheels!