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Want To Be a Skateboarder Like Wind, Do You Really Know Skateboarding?

Want To Be a Skateboarder Like Wind, Do You Really Know Skateboarding?

Dec. 28, 2019

Street culture itself is a branch of popular culture, but in recent years, street culture is in the ascendant in China, and the trend of the trend seems to be in the hands of the streets. More and more people can accept and tolerate this unruly freedom and break the traditional exaggeration. culture.

As an important part of street culture, skateboarding has always been loved. The trend overlords superme, vans, and DC all started skateboarding. They opened the door to the times because they love skateboarding. PU skateboard wheels supplier share for you:

Skateboarding, it is no longer a sport, it has evolved into a culture, a culture of skaters. However, for skateboards that are becoming more and more familiar, do you really understand enough? In most people's ideas, skateboarding is a double-clumped arrogant fly on the streets of crazy young men.

However, in fact, there are many types of skateboards and the concept is very vague. His types can be roughly divided into three types, small fish boards, double rockers and long boards.

Small fishboard: Skateboard is developed from surfing, it is the extension of surfing on the ground, the extension of surfboard, carved and polished by wooden blocks, imitating the shape of surfboard.

The small fish board is very small, convenient to carry, cheap, easy to control, and is loved by many girls. It is very good for brushing the street.

Double Qiao: It can be said that the skateboard in most people's eyes is Double Qiao, and Double Qiao is a fancy skateboarding game. Many skills and street-style actions can only be done by Double Qiao. Double Alice is a board that has a head and a tail for easy movement.

The most basic movements to play double warps are ollie-dolphin jumping. Of course, there are many double warps actions, kickflip, heelflip, big spin and so on. A sense of harvest.

Longboard: Longboard is a speed skateboard. Compared with ordinary skateboards, the board is longer and wider, and the wheels are larger, softer and wider. It has longer battery life, better road adaptability and faster Time to get started and better operation. There are also many types of longboards, and there are many ways to play them. The most famous one is downhill. "Downhill" is the most common and most exciting and dangerous one. The downhill speed can reach 100 kilometers per hour or even higher. Professional downhill competitions are held every year around the world. Players are required to wear protective clothing, helmets and protective gear. The longboard also has dancing, freestyle, slide, slalom and so on. Among them, the long board goddess Gao Xiaozhou became popular, and the long board was understood by more people.

PU wheels for skate board are mainly composed of board surface, sandpaper, bridge (bracket), PU, wheels, bridge end nuts, bridge nails, cushion pads, bearings, etc. Board surface: Generally, Canadian maple multi-layer boards are used for compression. The compression process is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. The cold pressing does not need to add glue to directly compress the wood chips. The board has high-strength impact toughness and good elasticity. When jumping on a skateboard at a certain height, the pedal is not damaged.

There are also many types of boards in the long board. Playing boards, downhill boards, and highway boards, so the classification of skateboards is really stupid.

Bridge (bracket): The key component that connects the board to the wheels. The bridge is the skateboard accessory that bears the most torque, compression, and friction in the entire skateboard. Bridges are generally cast with alloys, and the processes and designs differ between brands. The bridge is divided into high, middle, and low. At the same time, the bridge's central axis length also matches the width of the different boards.

Pu Wheelss

Pu Wheels

PU Wheels: The core component of the bridge, the quality of a pair of pu, soft and hard, directly affects the sliding experience of the board. The material of the pu is polyurethane, the hardness is between 80a-96a, the harder the pu is, the more stable it will not cause the shaking of the bridge at high speed, and the soft pu is more flexible. A good bearing is the key to wheel rotation

Wheels: Wheels are classified according to skateboards. Double upturned wheels are generally hard and small, making it easy to move. There are three types of longboard and small fish wheels. One is very strong grip, and the other requires both a certain grip and a certain slide smoothness. The first type has almost no grip and is similar to a street wheel. The long wheels are basically large and soft.