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What Is a Pu Wheel? What Are The Advantages Of Pu Wheel

What Is a Pu Wheel? What Are The Advantages Of Pu Wheel

Jan. 04, 2020

PU wheels are commonly known as urethane rubber, spring rubber, full name: polyurethane or isocyanate polymer. PU wheel is an elastomer between plastic and rubber. Its excellent and peculiar comprehensive properties are not available in ordinary plastic and rubber.

What are the characteristics of the pu wheel?

The elastomer of polyurethane wheels for skateboard has abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, high elasticity, low pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, strong shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load bearing and shock absorption. Good performance such as cushioning, PU wheels also have a wide hardness scale.

There are already products on the market that surpass Shaw A100 and above. In addition, the PU wheel has superior shock absorption performance, can cushion the cushion plate, is more impact resistant than metal springs, and does not hurt the mold. These characteristics of PU wheels are very suitable as caster materials.

What Is a Pu Wheel? What Are The Advantages Of Pu Wheel

Pu Wheels For Skate Board

Processing method of PU wheel:

PU wheel elastomers can be molded, mixed, vulcanized (referred to as MPU) like general rubber; PU wheels can also be made into liquid rubber, cast molded or sprayed, potted, centrifuged (referred to as CPU); PU wheels can also be made into pellets, like ordinary plastics, using injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other processes (referring to CPU). Molded or injection-molded parts can also be machined, such as cutting, grinding and drilling, within a certain hardness scale. The diversity of processing makes the applicability of PU elastomers very common, and the scope of application has been expanding. When PU foam is melted into a gel, it is poured into the model and heated to make it foam. The surface of the finished product is smooth. After a long time of use, it will slowly turn yellow and corrode. It has certain shock absorption and stability. People with a weight of about 100KG can control it at will.

Detailed application of PU wheel material:

PU material can be suitable for footwear fabrics or parts that bear weight, such as high-end inline wheels, skate wheels, PU pads, box wheels, shopping wheels and other wheels. In sports products, such as drift boards, vitality boards In some sports and leisure products favored by young people, such as skates, skates, twist cars, etc., the wheels are generally PU wheels. WHY? Because these products all need to bear personal weight, I will take the drift board as an example. If a drift board can withstand the load within the range of 100KG, its overall requirement is not only that the large board can afford it, but also an important role player, which is the wheel. Player friends, don't underestimate this wheel, it can be very useful. The pu wheels for skate board have significantly better elasticity. The more elastic the wheel, the more suitable it is for various technical movements, such as rotation, acceleration, retrograde, leap, etc. PU wheels are not only very good. Casters, Flexible PU flexible mats-such as high-end seats, sofas, mattresses, etc. Polyurethane flexible foam is a very fantasy material, the cushion material is also the largest application area of soft foam, its warmth is very good. Sound absorption data—open-cell polyurethane soft foam with good sound absorption and shock absorption function, can be used as indoor sound insulation data, effectively reducing indoor music sounds; fabric composite data—shoulder pads, bra sponges, makeup cotton, toys, etc. PU round rigid foam freezing and refrigerating equipment-such as refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, refrigerated houses, etc. Polyurethane rigid foam is the most fantasy insulation material of freezing and refrigerating equipment, and its application is relatively common.