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Roller Skating Classification (Down)

Roller Skating Classification (Down)

Dec. 20, 2019

What is roller skating? As the name implies, the use of wheeled equipment for sliding is roller skating. It mainly includes the following events, speed skating, pattern skating, extreme skating, roller skating block, roller skating turn, roller skating downhill, Inline Hockey, roller skating obstacle course, Rollerball, skateboard, freestyle roller skating and so on. PU skateboard wheels supplier introduces several pulley projects:

Roller Skating Classification (Down)

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6. Figure skating

Like roller skating, it was first developed as a way for figure skaters to practice without ice and has since evolved into a separate sport.Therefore, figure skating and figure skating are very similar.Figure skating is divided into four categories: figure skating, free skating, pairs skating and pairs dance.The match is played on a field not less than 50 meters long and 25 meters wide.According to the difficulty of the movement, the grace of the dance to determine the winner.

Seven, block race roller skating

Roller Derby, also known as the Roller Derby, is a highly competitive team event.The roller-derby, which is dominated by female competitors, combines elements of roller-skating, wrestling and rugby and features two teams competing on the oval, not just for speed but for body.Rollerblading is one of the few rollerblading events in which double-row skating dominates.

Roller-skating downhill

Inline downhill general choice in road or mountain road is steep, good athletes wear after a full set of protective devices, on the road of inclined to give the power, human body free fall, feel the speed of stimulation.

Roller skating rotation

Inline Alpine is derived from the Alpine skiing event "turn".Roller-skating slalom RACES are held on hillsides, with various forms of flag-gate barriers along the course.The athletes made continuous turns along the route from the top of the hill and slid through the flag gate barrier.There are three types of slalom (mid slope), giant slalom (big slope) and super giant slalom (super slope). Each race has a different starting and finishing height difference. In slalom, the equipment is no less demanding than in downhill.

10. Skateboard, scooter

At the international official level, pu wheels for skate board is managed by the World skate federation, while in China, pu wheels for skate board is managed by the China roller skating association.However, for both skaters and skateboarders, skateboarding and roller skating are two different sports.So I'm not going to introduce skateboarding here. In addition, in November 2018, according to the world rollerblading federation, rollerblading became the 11th event of rollerblading.

In addition to our introduction of these popular, niche projects, there are actually many new, interesting ways to play roller-skating we do not do the introduction.

There are many games and games of roller skating.For a fan who wants to play roller skating, you might as well learn about these items of roller skating, choose your favorite way of playing, and then choose the corresponding roller skating equipment. Our company provides custom skateboard pu wheels. If you need any products, please feel free to contact us.