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Popular Science Of Roller Skating Equipment-Skateboarding

Popular Science Of Roller Skating Equipment-Skateboarding

Feb. 05, 2020

As one of the coolest items in roller skating, skateboarding is excellent in both viewing and practicality.

In particular, the elegant videos of younger brothers and sisters playing skateboarding that have been widely spread on the Internet recently have made many little friends have the urge to learn skateboarding!

Black pu wheels for skateboard supplier sorted out some basic scientific knowledge of skateboarding for friends who want to learn skateboarding, hoping to provide you with some reference when choosing skateboarding.

Board surface:

First of all, when choosing a PU skateboard wheels for beginners, it depends on the material of the board. It is best to choose maple as the material, and a layer of sand on the front can prevent slipping. For the reverse, you can choose various patterns according to your preferences. If a child wants to sit on a skateboard, he can choose a flat one, which is more comfortable, and the concave panel may be uncomfortable.

In addition, the current mainstream board surface is made of maple wood. Some high-end boards will be added with carbon fiber, which is five layers of maple wood and two layers of carbon fiber. Extended service life.

However, this has also become a gimmick for some merchants. It is said that the fiberboard has better elasticity. In fact, the original wood thickness is reduced. The actual effect of adding fiber is to reduce the weight and maintain the original compression capacity, which cannot strengthen elasticity.



In skateboarding, PU wheels are like our feet, they are "walking", so we cannot ignore them. As far as possible, choose a large PU wheel for the skateboard, which will be more wear-resistant and stable. It's also smooth and comfortable when taxiing, and it's relatively quick to get started. Especially for beginners can be more friendly and can reduce the number of falls.

Pu Wheels

Pu Wheels


The bearing is an important part connecting the wheel and the bracket. The quality of the bearing often affects the use experience of the skateboard, and the bearing is the more severely worn part during the skateboarding process. Therefore, in order to avoid the non-durability of the bearings, accidents during the sliding process of the skateboard are caused. Xiaobian suggested that you can choose chrome steel bearings, this material will be more wear-resistant, not easy to rust, and more safe and friendly for beginners.