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What Is The Difference Between Skateboard Pu Wheels And Ordinary Wheels

What Is The Difference Between Skateboard Pu Wheels And Ordinary Wheels

Jan. 19, 2020

Skateboard PU wheels and ordinary wheels are two types of skateboards, so what is the difference between skateboard PU wheels and ordinary wheels?

Pu wheels for skate board are usually made of polyurethane as the main material. The proportion of polyurethane in the wheel is different, and the hardness of the wheel is also different. The wheels with a hardness of 85A (A means hardness) are relatively soft, suitable for rough roads, and the sound is very low when taxiing. It is a good choice for friends who like to pedal and go shopping. PU wheels are products formed by the processing of chemical raw material foaming process. PU can control the density and elasticity of the product, and high density of abrasion resistance. Wheels with good elasticity can control and reduce vibration during skateboarding. Reaching density and elasticity requires a combination of professional indicators. PU wheels are used for professional skateboarding.

PVC wheels are made of plastic raw materials, and their density and elasticity are immutable. Ordinary wheels cannot be used as professional skateboards.

PU skateboard wheels supplier introduces the precautions for skateboarding

First, as with all sports, prepare for roller skating. Commonly known as "warm-up", you warm up your body through a gradual exercise. The rise in temperature will make your muscle ligaments fully stretch and flexible Powerful, more dexterous body, greatly reducing the chance of injury; more importantly, preparation activities can also help to overcome the inertia of internal organs, and moderately increase heart rate and blood pressure to meet the needs of exercise. At this time, in the subsequent exercise, you You will feel smooth breathing, warm body and easy pace. To remind everyone: In addition to light and slow gliding, preparing for the activity is necessary to pull the ligaments, move the hips, knees, and ankles. It takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to really open the ligaments and joints.

Second, sports protective equipment is also necessary, because roller skating will inevitably fall, and you must protect your body from injury. Especially children and adolescents are best to wear protective gear when roller skating. Generally speaking, the complete set of roller skating equipment includes helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and palm guards. Everyone is better off buying professional manufacturers' protective gear, which is more secure in terms of shock resistance, ruggedness and comfort. In the protective gear, knee pads are the most important. Whether it is a beginner or a master of roller skating, the knee is the most likely place to fall on the ground and the most vulnerable to impact. The helmet is also important. Many people often find it difficult to wear a helmet or the head Flexible, but without a helmet is very dangerous. In the event of a fall, the head is the most protective part. Improper protection often causes serious injuries. In many western countries.

Third, you must choose a safe place. For example, do not play roller skating in the driveway or in the place with a lot of pedestrians, and then choose a relatively flat ground, potholes, slopes, water, and oily sticky ground. Suitable for roller skating.

The differences between skateboard PU wheels and ordinary wheels are introduced here. If you are a skateboarder, you must master the knowledge of what to pay attention to when participating in skateboarding. Your family is best to stay with you, pay attention to travel safety, and protect your health.

Pu Wheels For Skate Board

Pu Wheels For Skate Board