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Skateboard Science Knowledge (On)

Skateboard Science Knowledge (On)

Feb. 15, 2020

How to choose the right skateboard size for different ages and heights, pu pulley for skate board supplier share with you:

There are already a lot of answers on the question of how skateboarding novices choose skateboarding, but over time, more and more skateboarding brands have appeared in various answers, leaving novices new to skateboarding no choice and no idea which one The brand is good, which business is trustworthy. Today, the skateboarding project has become the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Skateboarding has also become one of the national games for the first time. Small cities have also sparked the skateboarding enthusiasm. The free niche movement of skateboarding has gradually entered the public's field of view, and more and more people have devoted themselves to skateboarding.

Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels

Polyurethane Skateboard Wheels

Before continuing the topic of extreme skateboarding, let's popularize the other "skateboards" in the eyes of ordinary people and divide them into categories:

1. Pseudo-skateboards: Dragon boards, popular Korean products, also called vitality boards. They are divided into space boards, bat boards, etc. according to their shape. The most obvious feature is that there are only two wheels. As shown below.

2. Plastic small fish board, also known as "banana board", "small worm board", barely be a member of the skateboard family, with its beautiful appearance, compact, lightweight, and strong, it has won the favor of many skaters, many people Use it as a travel tool, the material of the board is mainly ABS plastic, single warp.

3. Wooden fish board, divided into big fish board and small fish board according to size, it is also mainly for travel. The board surface is maple, bamboo or bamboo + maple wood, single warp, sandpaper on the surface, you can make some simple skateboards. action.

Regardless of whether it is a plastic fish board or a wooden fish board, the wheels used are polyurethane skateboard wheels with a hardness between 65A-78A.

4. Longboard

There are roughly three types of longboards: dance boards, all-around boards, and downhill boards.

At present, longboards are very popular in the Chinese market, especially Dancing boards (DC). Because they are relatively easy to use, it is easy to do some board moves, such as cross steps, board turns, ghost steps and the like. Various dance board videos on the Internet, girls will cross steps, turn around, take a video with some music and add special effects, the long board goddess ... bring up waves of long board fever. Dance board features: Double-headed slightly warped, generally two lengths of 106cm and 120cm, the materials are pure maple, bamboo and wood, mixed fiberglass, etc. The wheels are also polyurethane pulley for skateboard, hardness is 65A-78A between.

Almighty board, all those who can play this game are cows, many of them are transferred from double rocker skateboards. The reason for the all-round board is "almighty" because it is longer than the double rocker but shorter than the dance board. Dancing, rappelling, you can also play the double upswing technique, but it needs more power. Almighty board features: double warped, about 100cm in length, and the wheel is also polyurethane material, but because of playing skills, the hardness is between 100A-102A.