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Types Of Skateboards Popular Science Knowledge (Below)

Types Of Skateboards Popular Science Knowledge (Below)

Feb. 22, 2020

Downhill boards, also called highway boards, downhills in long boards. Downhill is generally driven by gravity, which means that you must find slopes and mountains to play. Downhill has professional competitions around the world. The downhill world record of downhill reached 130 kilometers per hour. Characteristics of downhill boards: The surface of the board is generally relatively hard, the material is maple, bamboo, glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal, etc., the length is between 80-150cm, the technology content is very high, the wheels generally use professional downhill wheels, very gripping , And will adjust the hardness of the wheels according to different competition roads.

Finally, there is a variant, a split skateboard similar to roller skates-drift board:

Below, enter the topic:

Pu skateboard skateboard supplier said that the skateboard is a traditional extreme skateboard. First of all, if you want to have a real professional four-wheel double-climb extreme skateboard (in order to distinguish the above various "skateboards", I have to Add the "professional four-wheeled double rocker" attribution), the safest way is to go to a local professional skateboarding store, or find a local skateboarding expert, they have considerable experience to guide you in choosing which brand, according to your How to match your budget.

Remember the following three principles:

Double rocker surface is generally 5-7 layers, material,

High-grade board surface, Canadian hard rock maple, second-level American maple, and other fibers are also added.

Mid-range board surface, Mexican maple, Chinese maple, Northeast maple. However, logging is now banned in China, so there are still many imports.

The low-grade board surface is a very cheap board surface. Now the toy board surface is very professional in appearance and looks exactly like the professional board. The wood used is birch, all kinds of plywood. It is indistinguishable.

Bracket: The bracket of some toy boards is very obvious. You can see it at a glance. The most convenient thing is to look at the brand logo. Why ca n’t you use a toy board bracket? , The cost is relatively high. Although the appearance of the toy bracket is the same, but the material is iron or zinc alloy, but also magnesium-aluminum alloy, but the production process is die-casting, and its internal structure and hardness are very different from professional brackets. In addition, the PU pad used on the bracket is not the same.

Bearing: This is mainly reflected in the speed. Professional skateboard bearings are specially designed for skateboards. The precision and internal structure, the test method and industrial bearings are different.

Sandpaper: The earliest surface of the toy board was sandblasted, and it will not be long before playing. It is now homogenized, which is mainly reflected in the brand and pattern. Various colored sandpaper and transparent sandpaper are no different.

PU skateboard wheels: This difference is not very big, but the same good hardness of the wheel grip is greater.

Toy boards and professional boards may not be significantly different in normal times, but when it comes to making skills, such as Ollie going down the steps, various bar movements, it is easy to cause the board to break after falling, the bracket is scrapped, and the bearing steel balls are jumping, which is prone to happen. Life is dangerous, so in order to enjoy skateboarding and cherish life, please stay away from toy skateboarding. Of course, if you just want to slip on flat ground, just leave it to me when I didn't say.

The first toy skateboard:

It is easy to distinguish whether it is single or double.

The appearance of today's toy skateboards is the same as that of professional skateboards. The sales volume is several times that of professional skateboards. Naturally, they will grow bigger and bigger. Various beautiful patterns will make newbies dazzled and excited. I hope that novice skateboarders will not fall into the pit. Polish your eyes and play with real skateboards.

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