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What Kind of Imagination Can the New Material Polyurethane Casters Bring?

What Kind of Imagination Can the New Material Polyurethane Casters Bring?

Jun. 06, 2020

Advantages of PU Castor Wheels

1. The adjustable scale of the function is large. Many physical and mechanical function goals can be changed within a certain scale through the selection of original materials and the adjustment of formulas, and then satisfy the users' different needs for product functions. For example, hardness is often an important goal for users. Polyurethane wheel elastomers can be made into soft printing rubber rollers with a Shore A hardness of about 20, or hard steel rollers with a Shore D hardness of 70 or more. This is often difficult to achieve with elastomer data. Polyurethane elastomer is a J-type polymer material composed of many flexible segments and rigid segments. With the increase in the proportion of rigid segments and the increase in the density of J-groups, the original strength and hardness of the elastomer will increase accordingly.

2. Superior wear resistance. Especially in the presence of water, oil, and other wet media, its wear resistance is usually several times to tens of times that of general rubber materials. Although metal materials such as iron and steel are relatively strong, they are not necessarily wear-resistant. For example, the large water pump in the irrigation area of the Yellow River, the metal ring, and the maintenance ring of the overflow parts are washed by a lot of sand and can not be used for hundreds. Hours of severe wear and tear and the use of polyurethane elastomer-covered ring and maintenance ring after running for 1800 small advances have not worn. Others such as rubber rollers for rice milling rice mills, vibrating sieve plates for coal preparation, race track, dynamic oil seals for crane forklifts, elevator wheels and roller skate wheels, etc. are also polyurethane elastomers Where it comes in. What needs to be mentioned here is to improve the friction coefficient of middle and low hardness polyurethane elastic components and improve the wear resistance under load. A small amount of aluminum disulfide, graphite or silicone oil can be added to this type of polyurethane elastomer And other lubricants.

3. Various processing methods and wide applicability. Polyurethane elastomers can not only be formed by the same techniques as general rubber but also can be molded by mixing, vulcanization and vulcanization technology; at the same time, they can also be made into liquid rubber, cast molding, spray coating, potting, centrifugal molding; they can also be made into pellets, which is different from general The plastics are the same and are formed by injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other techniques. Molded or injection molded parts can also be cut, repaired, drilled, etc. within a certain hardness scale. The versatility of processing makes the polyurethane elastomers have a wide range of applicability, and the scope of applications continues to expand.

4. Oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low-temperature resistance, good sound permeability, strong adhesion, excellent biocompatibility, and blood compatibility. These advantages are the reasons why polyurethane elastomers have been widely used in military, aerospace, acoustics, biology, and other fields.

What kind of imagination can the new material polyurethane casters bring?

Polyurethane elastomer: also known as excellent rubber, beef tendon king. It has obvious advantages such as high strength, large elasticity, small deformation, and good stretching force. It has been widely used in the metalworking stamping industry. Known as "pressure fluid mold" and "strong spring bar", using polyurethane as the mold material can greatly shorten the mold manufacturing time, relax the fit-gap, and reduce the mold manufacturing cost. The stamped products can meet the requirements of no burrs, full edges and corners, and high yield.

Pu Castor Wheels

Pu Castor Wheels

Precautions for installation of PU Castor Wheels for forklift:

1. Use the same series of polyurethane casters for installation.

2. Make sure that the installation plane is level.

3. Install the universal polyurethane casters, make sure the rotation axis is vertical.

4. Install directional casters, make sure the two casters are parallel.

5. Use bolts, nuts, washers, and casters that match the size of the mounting hole until there is no gap.

The user is responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of polyurethane casters. To avoid improper use or equipment. If it needs to be overloaded, it should be put on the car lightly. High-speed driving on rough roads or heavy objects hitting the wheels will cause damage to the wheels or equipment. Therefore, please check regularly: If the movable steering cannot turn freely, check the ball for corrosion or dirt. If fixed casters are installed, the wheel bracket must be free from bending.

Brackets and fasteners: Tighten loose axles and nuts and check the weld or support plate for damage. Overload or impact can cause the bracket to twist. The twisted bracket makes the heavy load lean on the individual wheels and cause the wheels to fail prematurely. If it is a caster type caster, tighten the nut or securely rivet and ensure that the equipment mounting bracket is not bent and the insert is installed correctly. When we install Korean casters, lock nuts or lock washers should be used. The installation of the expansion rod caster must ensure that the rod is firmly installed in the sleeve. Lubrication Regularly add lubricating oil, wheels and movable bearings can be used for a long time. Applying grease to the friction part of the wheel shaft seal ring and the roller bearing can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Under normal circumstances, lubricate every six months. After the car is cleaned every month, the wheels should be lubricated. The wheels should be visually inspected for wheel wear. The poor rotation of the wheels is related to debris such as thin red ropes. The anti-wrap cover can stop the winding of this debris. Too loose or too tight casters are another factor. Replace broken wheels/casters to avoid unstable rotation. After checking and replacing the wheels, make sure that the wheel shaft is tightened with lock washers and nuts. Because loose axles will cause the spokes and brackets to rub and become stuck. Replacement wheels and bearings should be prepared to avoid loss of production. If the caster movement is too loose, it must be replaced immediately.